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AutomationWare robotic joints

Rotary Actuators 


Introducing the highest Performance Torque Actuators: 

AW T-Actuators

T-Actuators are a series of rotative systems. These devices allow easy integration into mechatronic systems to speed up production processes with tables with very high positioning precision.

These new actuators, designed with robotic design criteria, allow torque performance and precision never seen before on the market. This new technological approach takes into account new trends in terms of improving precision, safety, operational performance in terms of load and speed, but above all, easy programmability and management.

In addition, the high-speed performances make them crucial for robotic applications such as SCARA or DELTA robots with safety technology to give collaboration to a robotic cell.

Technology to evolve applications

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The ability to combine large sets of movementsabsolute precision, sensors for detecting the torque of the system’s load of vibrations with redundancy (optional) to obtain operating safety in all conditions, make this device unique for a series of applications:

  • Robotic applications - SCARA or DELTA Robotics solution

  • Machine tools - multiple axis management for CNC machining

​                                   - 3+ Axis loading Arms

  • Punching or laser cutting machine applications

  • Hygienic Analytical -Pharma, Genetical, Clinical accurate scan analysis

  • Aerospace and Defence - Small radar systems, electronic warfare antennas & devices

  • Semiconductor -Handling and matrix processes

AutomationWare robotic joints
  • Very high speed

  • Extremely High precision positioning

  • Devices perfect for Robotic Applications

  • ROS fully supported in EtherCat protocol (Robovu applications)

  • Perfect for SCARA or DELTA robot applications

  • No contamination - Food or Pharma applications

  • Low power consumption

  • 9 sizes - reach up to 40 Nm torque

  • High Payload performance

  • Real time 14 bit Torque control system (with AW EtherCat Drivers)

  • 20 bit magnetic absolute encoder (single or double)

  • Optional Vibration control and 3D accelerometers detection

  • EtherCat based Optional Embedded drive control

  • ROS Robotic Operating System

  • High Speed rotation up to 300 RPM


Rotate heavy loads with precision or build your own cobot!

Hexelus AutomationWare Robot Joint w cob
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