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V-Belt Transmission - Poly-V

Timing Belts with unique ridging methodology to increase friction with less tension

    -All manufactured and designed according to ISO 9982
    -Constructed with an uninterrupted strength member of synthetic cord extending across the whole width of the belt
    -Employs incompressible fluid characteristics of rubber to distribute even pressure over all of driving surface
    -Suface is ribbed to provide 3 times the contact area of a flat belt
    -Unlike traditional v-belts, POLY-V belt is made for the closest possible fit into the pulley
    -Available in 3 cross section sizes (thickness): J (3mm), L (7mm), M (12mm)
    -Available for pulleys with diameters down to even 18mm.
Poggi Timing Belts, Fixing Elements, and V-Belts
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