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Hexelus right angled bevel gearbox couplings torque limiters rack and pinion

Torque Limiters & Couplings

ComInTec torque limiters are designed to protect your expensive components and limit crippling downtime during unexected breakdowns.  Whether on packaging equipment, conveyor lines, motors,, gearboxes, or other actuated power transmission appliactions, ComInTec's torque limiters and couplings will save you money.

ComInTec pneumatic clutch/torque limiter
Optional Electro-mechanic switch with adjustable lever  or PRX Proximity Sensor
Know immediately about overload situations! 
  • Initial stroke 0,5 mm, Extra stroke: 4 ÷ 8 mm depending on setting (possible in a range of 6 mm).

  • perfect for our EDF, DSS, DSR, (ball and roller detent torque limiters)

  • perfect for our pneumatic clutch torque limiters

  • Adjustment of the lever

  • Sends signal to warning light, siren, or operating command module.

  • Protection level IP57 DIN 40050.

  • with 1 or 2 contacts 'EM1 - EM2'

  • Adjustment of the lever end position possible.

  • Die-cast aluminium box.

  • Operation temperature range from -10°C to +85°C.

  • Three different options of voltage input with 1 or 2 contacts available.

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