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Gradel Baudin

Gradel Baudin

Trapezoidal/Ball Screws and Nuts

Located in Haute-Savoie, France, the company GRADEL BAUDIN is at the heart of the Technic-Vallée, at the crossroads of every evolution. Operating throughout Europe, our high-performance solutions drive our international ambitions, as shown by our ever-growing export revenue.

Extensive warehouse facilities and logistics capabilities ensure the fastest lead times and delivery in terms of both production and availability.

Experienced technicians, mastery of the processes involved and stringent checking throughout the product process guarantee the quality you would expect from a company that is ISO 9001 accredited.

Certified ISO 9001, our company today French leader of the transmission by threading, also became impossible to circumvent in Europe.

Our work and our perseverance required products and an high quality service, enabled us to reach this notoriety.

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Trapezoidal/Ball Screws
Trapezoidal/Ball Nuts
Screws and Nuts - Gradel Baudin
Custom Thread Manufacturing - Gradel Baudin
Screws and Nuts - Gradel Baudin
Precision Custom Threads - Gradel Baudin
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