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Screw Jacks and Actuators

Setec Group has five offices located in Europe to supply and optimize local inventory and ensure quick delivery. Headquartered in Turin, in the modern and prestigious plant of Borgaro, located in the north outskirts of the city and easily accessible, is over 100,000 square feet. It hosts the Group's general direction, engineering, the manufacturing plant, central warehouses, administrative offices, and the sales offices. Engineering and production of components such as: screw jacks, linear actuators and single/multi axis servosystems with software customizations, are made in the Borgaro plant (Turin) equipped with highly technological machinery. It is a center of mechatronic application excellence, able to offer high added value solutions for a highly demanding market.

Hexelus brings to America this Italian passion for the design and manufacturing of power transmission components. Each screw jack, actuator, and thruster is a guarantee of quality.

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Servo Actuators
Screw Jacks - Setec
Screw Jacks - Setec
Servo Actuator - Setec
Electric Linear Actuators - Setec
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