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Poggi Right Angle Gearboxes

Technical Specifications:


Poggi gearboxes are engineered for an input speed (shaft A) of 1400 -1700 rpm. This speed provides, together with the power applied, an average operating life of approx. 10000 hours.  Input speed can be up to 3000 rpm for short periods.  Poggi speed reducing gearboxes can be used also as speed increasing units, provided that 500 rpm input for ratio 1:3 and 750 rpm for ratio 1:2 are not exceeded.  Should you require gearboxes for higher speeds, please consult us.

Operating Temperature

The permissible temperatures for trouble-free running of Poggi right angle gearboxes should be kept within 0°F and 170°F  (-18°C and +80°C). Should you require gearboxes for unusual operating temperatures, please consult us.

Noise Level

Accurate mounting and control will maintain low operating noise level, even at high running speeds for all Poggi right angle gearboxes.

Angular Clearance

The checkable angular clearance between the gear teeth is within 15’ - 30’ of arc (1/4 to 1/2 of 1°) for all stock gearboxes.  Should you require gearboxes with reduced angular clearances, please consult us.


All units are factory filled with high-quality synthetic oil as lubricant. Being life-lubricated they do not require any periodical oil replenishment or change during the gearbox's average lifetime. Should you require gearboxes which require particular lubrication, please consult us.


Poggi's right angle, spiral-bevel gearboxes can be mounted in any position due to their optimized and proven design. However, it is advised to mount with one shaft in the vertical orientation in order to provide the proper lubrication.  


For technical specifications on individual product lines, please see the specific product line page. 

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