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Relief Valve - Series RVDT & RVDTM

    -One valve design functions as an all-purpose backpressure valve in many applications:
    -Relief: protects systems and equipment from over-pressure/pressure surges.
    -By-Pass: prevents pumps from "dead heading".
    -Back-Pressure Regulator: maintains necessary reverse pressure in closed loop systems
    -Back-Pressure Valve: enhance pump performance by maintaining backpressure on the pump outlet
    -Anti-Siphon: used on the outlet of a pump wherever gravity or other downstream conditions may create negative pressure (siphon) and drain a tank. The valve is pre-set to open under pump pressure, but closes bubbletight when the pump is shut off. Because of the design of the RVDT, this valve actually closes more tightly when unwanted siphon occurs.
    -Available in Metal or PLASTIC BODY MATERIALS & SIZES
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