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Rotary Index Drives, Rings, & Manipulators

Autorotor has specialized in the construction of rotary tables, rings, manipulators, and basic machines for the most varied sectors related to industrial automation for over forty years.


The company is based in the industrial center of modern manufacturing in Italy and is divided into two distinct operating units:

  • component production

  • product assembly and testing.

High specialization and high quality standards allow them to satisfy any requests with “tailor-made” projects and products according to different needs.

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Headquarters - Lombardy, Italy


Rotary Index Tables

  • High speed continuous and totally controlled displacement

  • Smooth running at ANY frequency

  • Self-Iocking in dwell position

  • High repeatability

  • Low maintenance

  • Low installed power

  • Possibility of using continuously moving cams, driven by servomotors


Base Machine Tables

Rotary tables conveniently mounted to sturdy welded frames

  • Sturdy welded base with non-slip feet

  • Steel base plate

  • Rotating unit complete with gearbox and motor

  • Rotating disc

  • Fixed disc, to mount any type of equipment

Nastro CB100_B.png

Modular Conveyor Belts

  • Modular conveyor belts easily adapted to any dimensional and production requirements

  • Typical sectors: medical, automotive, food, mechanical, electromechanical, hydraulic machinery

  • Lightweight, compact, with flexible pallet - mechanical or servomotor movement 

AP OP 110.png

Orthogonal axis intermittent-oscillating drivers IT/OT

  • Low cost alternatives to Rotary Tables where higher precision is not required.

  • Both the oscillator and intermittent drives have an output shaft rather than an indexing table top or disc.

  • Compact- easily applicable when placed in different orientations within the final machine requirements.

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