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Links to PDF Catalogs of All HEXELUS Products

Collection of all PDF catalogs for couplings, torque limiters, robotic components, screw jacks, linear actuators, right-angle gearboxes, planetary gearboxes, racks and pinions, and drawer slides distributed by Hexelus 

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HEXELUS Product Lines

Compact PDF listing of all Hexelus product lines including brands such as ComInTec, Poggi, Neugart, Setec, & Gambini Meccanica.

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Catalog of Applied Robotics Products

Applied Robotics offers pneumatic grippers, work holding vises, and palletizing bag and box grippers.


Catalog of ComInTec Couplings

Catalog of ComInTec's extensive coupling line.  Products include jaw, bellows, chain, gear, rigid, and more.  Products in machined steel and aluminum with stainless steel options as well.


Catalog of ComInTec Torque Limiters/Safety Couplings

Catalog of ComInTec's extensive torque limiter/safety clutch lines.  Products include friction, ball-detent, roller-detent and pneumatic. 

Comintec Coupling hub connection choices

ComInTec Coupling Hub Connection types

Page 4 & 5 of ComInTec's Coupling Catalog. Page 4 shows available hub connections (set screw, keyway with set screw, split clamp, tapered bushing, etc).

Page 5 shows standard & optional availability per coupling family.


Catalog of Gambini Meccanica Racks & Pinions

PDF Catalogs of Gambini Meccanica's extensive Rack & Pinion products, imported and distributed by Hexelus LLC.


Catalog of Neugart Planetary Gearboxes

Catalog of Neugart's wide range of planetary gearboxes. Versions available with shaft or flange attachments.


Catalog of Poggi Right-Angle, Spiral-Bevel Gearboxes

Catalog of Poggi's aluminum alloy, steel, or stainless steel body, 3 or 4-hole, t-shaped, 2 or 3 way, right angle, spiral bevel gearboxes.

Isomove actuator 1.jpg

Catalog of Setec ISOMOVE Servactuators

Catalog of Setec's heavy duty continuous motion ball screw thrusting ISOMOVE actuators.


Catalog of Setec ECU/ECO Electric Linear Actuators

Catalog of Setec's ECU and ECO in-line or parallel mount ball screw or lead screw actuators. These units are for noncontinuous, 25% - 35% duty cycle applications.


Catalog of Setec SEL/SEP Mechanical Screw Jacks

Catalog of Setec's SEP and SEL ball screw or lead screw jacks.   Both rotating nut and moving screw are included. These units are for noncontinuous, 25% - 35% duty cycle applications.


Catalog of Thomas Regout Telescopic Drawer Slides and Linear Bearings

Thomas Regout has been making drawer slides in Holland for 180 years.  Their Flexfit series of light duty linear bearings is a simple and cost-effective solution to linear motion.

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