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Pneumatic Grippers - OPH2

Hexelus Applied Robotics Pneumatic Grippers

Sealed two-finger parallel gripper for handling of rough/dirty workpieces

    -IP67 protection provided by rotary lip seals at both round jaws offer permanent, secure protection.
    -Side finger-mounting
    -Compact dimensions for minimal impact in for space sensitive applications
    -Mounting froom two sides in three screw directions for versatile and flexible integrations
    -Integrated permanent magnets for direct monitoring of piston movement.
    -Slots for mounting and positioning of magnetic-field sensors
    -Air supply via hose-free direct connections or fitting screw connections.
    -Available in 4 models (OPH 73, 88, 108, 133)
    -Maximum stroke per jaw of 12mm
    -Maximum total closing force @ 6 bar: 828N (186.1 lbf)
Applied Robotics pneumatic grippers work holding vises palletizing bag and box grippers end effector
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