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Pneumatic Grippers - UVH

Hexelus Applied Robotics Pneumatic Grippers

Hydraulically actuated two-jaw self-centering vise in compact design with a high clamping force

    -Precise wedge-hook mechanism allows machining accuracy
    -High force drive for secure clamping
    -Extended clamping range with long jaw guidance
    -Optimum jaw guides (hardened, sturdy, low backlash) allow high clamping forces at a long service life.
    -Low profile: Maximum use of the machine room and excellent rigidity of the system
    -Lean outer countour for optimal accessibility of the machine spindle to the workplace
    -Cubic design: Ideal for 6-sided machining
    -Optimized lubrication system for consistently high clamping force
    -Base jaws with tongue and groove or fine serration as standard for high flexibility of top jaws.
    -All functional parts are hardened and ground to ensure a long service life.
    -Comes in 4 versions (UVH 100, 100X, 160, 160X)
Applied Robotics pneumatic grippers work holding vises palletizing bag and box grippers end effector
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