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Air Release Valve - Series ARV

    -Allows safe expulsion of unwanted air in piping
    -Unique self-guided poppet assures
    minimal emission of system liquid prior to sealing
    -Union simplifies valve inspection/removal
    with minimum piping breakdown.
    -Minimum Closing Pressure: Closes at 0 PSI, as long as liquid is present. Valve closes as liquid rises, after virtually all unwanted air is forced out. Seals bubble-tight at system pressures as low as 10 psi (EPDM seals).
    -Designed to improve system
    performance and competitively priced
    -Superior Design: Poppet seals more reliably than ball design; does not deform under pressure like a hollow ball.
    -Corrosion Resistant: Top quality thermoplastics and
    elastomers resist chemical attack and protect system
    purity. No metal components in Series ARV.
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