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Flow Switch - Series FSA

    -Ideal for confirming operation of pressure relief, regulating or actuated valves
    -8 to 1900+ GPM for 1" to 10" piping.
    -Continuous flushing of convoluted elastomer seal eliminates particle contamination
    -Wetted surfaces of PVC and EPDM Elastomeric Standard (Viton Special Order.)
    -Continuous adjustment while operating
    -Responds to flow only, independent of line pressure
    -SPDT 15 amp switching capacity model or Dry Computer/PLC Interface model.
    -Simple installation and maintenance using a uncomplicated standard test meter
    -Continuous adjustment while operating via FORCE/BALANCE spring
    -Accuracy ±10% with ±5% repeatability.
    -Nema 4 or 6 design.
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