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Pressure Regulator - Series PR

    -Convert varying or excessive upstream pressures to a pre-determined maximum downstream pressure in systems handling corrosive or ultra-pure liquids.
    -Regulate to the correct pressure range so that a flow system or piece of equipment can operate safely and effectively.
    -Ultra-pure system special designs.
    -Automatically regulate and prevent the downstream pressure from exceeding its set point
    -Wide range of adjustable settings available from 5 to 50 psi. (5 to 75 psi standard on l/2” PRM)
    -Rugged construction with inlet pressure to 150 psi.
    -Rolling diaphragm design assures sensitive operation
    -Seal concepts provide non-sticking, design.
    -Control spring is not in the liquid.
    -Over 30 years of field proven quality.
    -One piece body construction eliminates internal leakage that can cause malfunction.
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