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Pressure Regulator - Series PRHM

    -Designed for Higher Flow Capacities with Less System Pressure Loss
    -Converts varying inlet pressure up to 150 PSI, to a stabilized, lower preset downstream pressure.
    -Protects sensitive downstream tools, instruments, tubing and filters against damage from overpressure/pressure surges; permits the entire system to operate safely and effectively.
    -Downstream pressure settings adjustable from 5 to 125 PSI.
    -Large surface area of its frictionless rolling diaphragm provides exceptional sensitivity.
    -Free movement of the diaphragm on a balanced shaft assures smooth, accurate performance and reliable sealing for millions of cycles.
    -Double U-cups prevent leakage along the shaft and eliminates the possibility of “creep”.
    -Optional gauge ports to assist with setting and monitoring pressure.
    -For corrosive and ultra-pure liquid applications
    -PVC and CPVC models certified to NSF/ANSI 61 and NSF/ANSI 372.
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