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InDepth Engineering Solutions

InDepth Engineering is a turnkey solution provider for integrated mechanical systems. It has a design and engineering team of 20+ engineers in Troy, Michigan along with additional 80+ engineers working at customer locations across US. InDepth has experience across several industries, such as automotive, amusement park, alternative energy, medical and consumer products industries, which helps it cross pollinate the technology and solutions across industries.
InDepth’s design team is fully integrated with CAE simulation team providing durability, crashworthiness, vibration and dynamics simulation assessment during the whole development process. InDepth has created a history of successfully executed projects across many industries. One of the notable examples is a thematic switch, which receives a 16-seater coaster vehicle on a carriage and lets it fall vertically and laterally by several meters as part of the break-away coaster theme, and then puts it back on track. Others are indoor dark ride tracks and guest compartments, large animation figures, ride doors, rope courses, automated powered zip-coaster, bus design, mobility vehicle conversion, patented wheel chair ramp, etc.
Its motto is to enhance the safety and uplift the standard of living of the society by applying principles of engineering to any product it touches.


InDepth and DVS Tech work as partners to bring the turnkey solutions to its customers, where DVS takes the complete electrical and controls responsibilities.

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