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Mechanical Screw Jack


Mechanical screw jacks provide the translation of rotation motion of an input shaft to vertical motion via a nut on the output shaft. Within this class of mechanical products, there are two main types: travelling nut, and travelling screw - each providing their own set of benefits. In addition, these types may have further classifications based on the load being moved, the environment they will operate in, or their operating requirements, such as duty cycle and raising/lowering speed. Our manufacturer, Setec, provides top-of the-line products, with the capability to customize to satisfy the needs of your system. 

Setec's worm gear-based mechanical screw jack provides an ideal solution for efficient and economical lifting and lowering of loads. Built for nominal loads from 0.5 to 150 metric tons, Setec's mechanical screw jacks are divided into two lines: SEL for loads from 0.5 to 10 metric tons and SEP for loads from 5 to 150 metric tons.

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