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Planetary Gearboxes

Neugart planetary gearboxes are suitable for a very wide range of drive solutions.  


The PLE version with output shaft is available in different variants, for instance, as an output shaft with feather key for positive fit and reliable power transmission. The feather key is a universal connecting element found in numerous drive components and allows you to achieve a quick and secure connection between the planetary gearbox with output shaft and your application.  The PLE is also available with smooth output shaft and is the ideal element for achieving a force-fit connection to a coupling. This enables you to achieve maximum torque transmission even in reversing operation.


Our PLFN planetary gearboxes with output flange are characterized by a compact flange interface. The geometry on the output side of the flange gearbox is based on the most common industrial robots.  The dimensions specified in EN ISO 9409-1 offer the advantage that other drive components that also comply with the standard, such as our flanged pinions, couplings, or safety couplings can be connected quickly and easily without requiring major adjustments. The connection between the planetary gearbox and the machine is additionally secured by a dowel hole in the output flange.

The function and structure of Neugart PLFN flange gearboxes are comparable to the PLE planetary gearboxes with output shaft, but in a much more compact form. This is because, unlike a cylindrical output shaft, they have very short flanged shaft geometry.

Another advantage of the flange output shaft is its large diameter and therefore the higher torsional stiffness that can be achieved.

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