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Rotary Index Drives, Rings, and Manipulators

Autorotor has specialized in the construction of rotary tables, rings, manipulators, and basic machines for the most varied sectors related to industrial automation for over forty years.

The company is based in the industrial center of modern manufacturing in Italy and is divided into two distinct operating units:

-component production

-product assembly and testing.

High specialization and high quality standards allow them to satisfy any requests with “tailor-made” projects and products according to different needs.

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Rotary Index Tables
Rotary Index Rings
Base Machine Tables
Modular Conveyor Belts
Orthogonal Axis Oscillating Drives
Lombardy, IT Headquarters - Autorotor
Mechanical Processing - Autorotor
Rotary Index Tables - Autorotor
Base Machine Tables - Autorotor
Modular Conveyor Belts - Autorotor
Orthagonal Axis Oscillating Drive - Autorotor
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