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Poggi Trasmissioni Meccaniche, founded by Pierluigi Poggi in 1958, and based in Italy, has been offering its customers precision designed and machined pulleys, right-angle gearboxes and other specialized transmission parts.


Their wide range of cutting-edge products is the result of complex design, production and testing procedures made possible thanks to continuous investments in research and development, and the optimization of manufacturing processes with a constant focus on obtaining the best results in terms of quality, efficiency and safety.

Poggi Trasmissioni Meccaniche has the famous "made-in-Italy" quality on one hand and, on the other hand, an international outlook with a presence in over 40 countries. The result is a leading enterprise in the mechanical engineering industry. With 60 years of innovation and experience, their watchwords are research, quality, and customization. This continuous development allows Poggi to proactively look to the future and remain a force in mechanical component innovation.  For Example, Poggi has patented a new way of conceiving mechanical power transmission: P-gear®. Without any need for gears as we know them and virtually maintenance free, P-gear®, is a silent, clean technology, and is completely lubrication-free.


Hexelus brings to America this 50+ years of Italian passion for the design and manufacturing of power transmission components. Each pulley or right angle, spiral bevel gearbox is a guarantee of quality.  Many are shipped from stock from our warehouse in New Jersey.

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