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Servoactuators - ISOMOVE

Setec ISOMOVE Servoactuator Linear Actuator High dynamic load behavior ball screw stepper brushless motor DC AC

Precision Mechanical Linear Actuators For High Dynamics

  • Suitable for high-performance, heavy-duty applications. 

  • Wide range of ball screw pitches for each size - with backlash or zero/light preload solutions.

  • 3 different motor drive solutions (Stepper, Brushless, Custom).

  • Reduction ratios available as  1:1 or 2:1.

  • Max Nominal Thrust up to 350 kN (78,600 lbs).

  • Max Linear Speed up to 1600 mm/sec (63"/s)

  • High Efficiency mechanical transmission.

  • Duty Cycle 100%.

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Why make the change to Electric from Pneumatic?

Electric actuators offer superior performance and notable savings in time and energy. Also, Setec's electric actuators use fewer components and a lower total cost of ownership relative to pneumatic cylinders.


Choose a Setec ISOMOVE actuator to find the following:

  • Fewer components than a pneumatic system

  • Superior performance

  • Higher thrust

  • Longer strokes

  • More accuracy

  • Consistant accuracy regardless of temperature and pressure

  • Quieter operation

  • Time and Energy Savings

  • Reduced energy costs

  • Reduced setup and changeover time

  • No concerns about air leaks

  • No compressor maintenance

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