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Drawer Slides and Light Linear Bearings

Thomas Regout focuses on solutions in movement.  They have 180 years of experience in the linear motion and drawer slide field.

Thomas Regout offers a broad range of sliding solutions that help move your application in any direction: horizontal, vertical and diagonal.

Their main focus is to be and to remain the best quality partner for their customers in mutual beneficial partnerships: a partnership that adds value and strengths to your and our organization.

The FlexFit guide is a combination of a profile and a carrier that enables multiple linear motion options. Our linear guides are uniquely designed for an easy and fast installation. These ready to use products are made of high quality components to guarantee a long service life. The FlexFit linear guides are typically used in vending and self- checkout machines, special vehicles and tooling cabinets.

Flexfit features and benefits

1.   Ready to use product (slider preload factory set)
2.   No play in guidance during lifetime
3.   Easy and fast installation
4.   Smooth movement
5.   Available in 3 and 5-wheel sliders
6.   Available in steel and stainless steel
7.   Customized mounting possible
8.   Sliders interchangeable within rails
9.   Endstops available
10. Horizontal, vertical & diagonal movement
11. Competitive price/quality ratio

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