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AutomationWare robotic joints

AGV (Automatic Guided Vehicles) &

AMR (Autonomous Mobile Robots)

AutomationWare has been committed to mechatronics development for over 20 years; developing disruptive technologies and innovative mechatronic and robotic products.


The AMR autonomous mobile robots of the AW-Mobile series are a safe and flexible solution to optimize production processes and internal logistics. In research they serve as test platforms for next generation robots.

Our AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) are designed to meet the TÜV safety requirements. Thanks to advanced sensor technology and intelligent algorithms, they can move freely in all environment, avoid people and obstacles dynamically and reach their destination independently.

The Wi-Fi connection allows the remote maintenance and the simultaneous control and management of AMRs and of every other device connected to the network. With ROS (Robot Operating Systems) you can configure and easily adjust navigation setups, as well as test your mobile robot.

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AutomationWare AWMP-400 AGV

MP-400 autonomous mobile robots was designed for daily use in industrial applications. It combines well proven components with smart innovations to form a high-performance robot at an
affordable price. THE MP-400’S primary task is to support flexible material flow in logistics.

This small, agile robot can cover connections that cannot be realized with stationary conveyors or traditional AGVs. With its integrated laser scanner, the MP-400 can safely and freely move between humans and without fixed routes. Its central differential drive and the compact, symmetric design allow the robot to find its way even in very narrow environments.


Designed with focus on a small, compact form, high agility, and water resistance. It is easily modified according to customers’ demands. The MP-500 autonomous mobile robot is therefore perfect for most industrial applications requiring high flexibility and low cycle times.

AutomationWare AWMP-500 AGV


AutomationWare AWMP-700 AGV

THE AWMP-700 autonomous mobile robot is especially suitable for the integration of individual or tandem cobot arms.  It offers easy access to all components and allows maximum options for modifications and mounting of additional devices. Its high stability and simple modification possibilities make the AWMP-700 the number one choice for several research projects dealing with mobile manipulation.

AutomationWare AWMPO-700 AGV


autonomous mobile robots provide high end maneuverability for robotic research projects. Its four independent wheels enable the AWMPO-700 to move along true 3D-trajectories where the robot’s orientation is not constrained by its X-Y movement.

the AWMPO-700 autonomous mobile robot can drive along the front of a workbench or laboratory bench while permanently facing the workspace. This significantly improves the work-flow and reduces the danger of collisions. Furthermore the robot is capable of moving through very narrow spaces and of navigating swiftly in difficult or crowded environments.


Motorized wheels for Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) & Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMR)

Hexelus AutomationWare AGV AMR motorized robot wheel
Hexelus AutomationWare AGV AMR motorized wheel
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