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AutomationWare robotic joints

AutomationWare has been committed to mechatronics development for over 20 years; developing disruptive technologies and innovative mechatronic and robotic products.


They are among the first to actively and consistently use Robot Operating System (ROS) and have patented technologies that change factories (AwareVU ™ - for process control). The company’s amazing growth is proof of their success.

AutomationWare constantly invest in R&D to offer technologically advanced and impactful solutions.  All of their products are designed to offer high performance and top quality, whether robot joints, rotary actuators, Robot joints for modular COBOTS, or motorized wheels for AGV's and AMRs.


  • Parameters such as acceleration, speed, and repeatability are totally programmable and controllable;

  • Easy maintenance;

  • Duty cycle, real-time diagnostics, and monitoring.


Innovation is the main object of their daily work. They develop mechatronic and robotic solutions to address market trends and anticipate customer needs

They use ROS-based robotic platforms for motion planning in order to build robots that can be easily integrated into existing production environments.

Thanks to the modularity of their solutions, you can create COBOTS that are flexible and adaptable to different use cases, whether high precision tasks (pharmaceutical and medical industries) or heavy loads (palletizing).

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Belt and screw actuators and gantries

Hexelus AutomationWare gantry
Hexelus AutomationWare robot joint
Hexelus AutomationWare robot joint - ope
Hexelus AutomationWare rotary actuator
Hexelus automationware Rotary Actuator

Rotate heavy loads with precision or build your own cobot!

AutomationWare robotic joints
Hexelus AutomationWare AGV AMR motorized robot wheel
Custom AVG
Hexelus AutomationWare AGV AMR motorized wheel

Automated Guided Vehicles (AGV) Actuated Wheels 

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