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AutomationWare robotic joints

Robot/Cobot joints 

Hexelus AutomationWare robot joint - ope
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AutomationWare robotic joints

The basic element for the design of robots is the robotic joint.

A quality Joint allows the system axes to perform precise rotations with high torque and includes diagnostic and safety systems integrated into its design.

AutomationWare introduces a new robotic joint platform designed to be state-of-the-art technology and make it possible to design even collaborative robotic systems of various sizes.


Motor control, the management of sensors and encoders (for perfect positioning and torque), contact detection, and much more are already designed into the J-Actuators.


These robotic joints have a double processor with 3 independent control levels for the system lock, to get the safety redundancies and a total guarantee of operation, even in case of accidental impacts.

Thanks to the integrated harmonic drive reducer (available with various reduction ratios), AutomationWare’s joints can easily handle accurate rotational engagements with high torque and minimum size envelope. 


This means that they can also be used in a large number of applications as single, stand-alone units.

The joint control is done through an EtherCat Bus, so it could be easily integrated into existing mechatronic systems, offering operational diagnostics never used before, such as the control of system vibrations, gravity, or the verification of torsional rigidity of the gearbox, by controlling the elasticity of the system.

In addition, for those who already use Robot Operating System, widely used in robotic research, the joint can be controlled directly by ROS, thanks to the RoboVu application™ which allows real-time connection of applications such as Moveit to the bus EtherCat.


AutomationWare has been committed to mechatronics development for over 20 years; developing disruptive technologies and innovative mechatronic and robotic products.

Hexelus AutomationWare robot joint
Hexelus AutomationWare rotary actuator
Hexelus automationware Rotary Actuator

Rotate heavy loads with precision or build your own cobot!

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