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Intermittent-Oscillating Drives - Series AP-OP

Mechanical Parallel drive for intermittent or oscillating motion

    -Transforms uniform inlet shaft rotation to intermittent rotation of the parallel output shaft
    -Available in 9 sizes
    -Output shaft is hollow for passing through cabling, hoses, and wiring.
    -1 to 8 indexing options available
    -Ideal for linear transfer and light rotary index applications
    -Intermittent Drive has dwell phase in uni-directional output shaft rotation
    -Oscillating drive has alternating-direction oscillations available with or without dwell period.
    -Oscillating drive available with Angular displacements of 15, 20, 30 or 45 degrees
    -Available with output torques up to 4700Nm
Autorotor Rotary Tables, Rings, Manipulators
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