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Thomas Regout International B.V

Thomas Regout International B.V. offers a broad range of telescopic sliding solutions that help move your application in any direction: horizontal, vertical and diagonal. Their engineering and manufacturing capabilities ensure that they have a solution to move your product either vertically or horizontally.

Thomas Regout's commitment to quality, innovation, and flexibility is seen in the future-thinking advancements present in their factory in Maastricht with implemented technologies such as robotics, interconnected IT systems, short lead time, high quality products, and a fully controlled production process, just to name a few. By incorporating the highest quality standards like IATF 16949 for the automotive industry, ISO 9001 and different environmental certifications like ISO 14001, Reach, and RoHS, Thomas Regout ensures that their products and services are safe, reliable, sustainable and of the highest quality.

By listening and by exploring the latest technology innovations, Thomas Regout we identifies the customers’ current and future needs and turns these market demands into innovative sliding solutions. The use of advanced production methods and sustainable materials ensure optimal quality.

Hexelus brings to America this Dutch passion for the design and manufacturing of linear motion components. Each ball-bearing telescopic slide is a guarantee of quality.

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